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Flat bar chamfer(deburring) machine can be divided into common bar slitting line and high quality bar slitting line which use to produce the flat bars by different processing technics.  More>>
flat bar chamfer(deburring) machine
It is used to the longitudinal cutting for the steel coils and rewinding the slit strips into coils. Convenient to operate, high cutting precision and utilization factor of the material, adopts the infinitive speed.

(0.3-3)x1600mm automatic sheet steel coil slitting line
This line is used to produce the steel grating or others which don’t have high demands on bar sides. It is mainly through slitting and cutting directly to form the flat bars at one time. It’s high demand but with added value. Mainly have 6x600 and 12x1000.

Flat bar slitting straightening and cut to length line
This production line to is to cut cold roller steel coils,stainless steel coils,aluminumcoils and so on into different of sheetmaterials.

(0.3-2)x1600mm automatic cut to length line

It is used to the longitudinal cutting for the steel coils and rewinding the slit strips into coils. Convenient to operate, high cutting precision and utilization factor of the material, adopts the infinitive speed.

(0.3-3)x1600mm automatic high speed slitting line

Simple hydraulic slitting line is a complete line to slit the big steel coil into strips and then rewinding by frequency converting control , it can slit various size you need.

Simple hydraulic slitting line​
Slitting Line, also called slitting line machine, is used to uncoiling, slitting, recoiling the steel rolls into demand width steels. It can be applied to process the chilly or hot rolled steel coil, Silicon steel coils, tinplate coils, Stainless steel as well as shade coated steels. More>>
Slitting line
This production line is along the length direction of the coil material shear into deveral narrow coils with certain width,for after rolling welder pipe,cold bending foorming,stamping process. More>>
(0.2-2)x1300mm double slitter automatic slitting line


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The cut long thread of fixed length The specific length of billet and finished steel specified by the product standard. Products are produced according to a cut long thread.The steel production and use departments can effectively save metal. More
Flat bar straightening machine model corresponds to the rolled flat steel size With the development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for technology, which of course also includes cold-rolled flat steel. Because this kind of flat steel is generally practical and low in price. More
Factors affecting the shear quality of metal coils We Can Formulate Measurement Standards From Many Different Aspects.The Shearing Quality Of The Metal Coil Is An Important Indicator Of The Steel Coil Slitting Machine. More
Matters needing attention in production of slitting line machine In The Production Process Of The Slitting Line Machine, We Need To Pay Attention To Many Issues To Ensure The Quality Of The Material After Slitting.Read On Now. More
Inspection work before starting the slitting line Before Officially Launching The Slitting Line And Starting Production, We Need To Have A Series Of Inspections, Whether It Is About Sanitation Or Equipment. More
Unusual phenomena in slitting line processing In The Previous Article, We Briefly Learned About The Abnormal Phenomena In The Cut-To-Length Line Processing.LetS Talk About Slitting Line In TodayS Article. More
Unusual cutting incision in cut to length line processing In The Process Of Cut To Length Line Processing,We Sometimes Encounter Some Abnormal Cutting Incisions,Do You Know How This Happens?How Can We Solve Such Problems? More
Other three defects in cut to length line We Will Continue To Talk About The Other Three Flaws In The Cut To Length Line. I Believe You Will Have A More In-Depth Understanding Of Cut To Length Line. More
Knife marks and coil scratches - defects in cut to length line In The Cut To Length Line Process, Defects Sometimes Appear. So What Causes The Defect? In TodayS Article, Wuxi Bangzhou Machinery Will Take You To Understand. More
Reasons for inaccurate positioning of slitting line There Are Many Different Reasons For Incorrect Slitting Line Positioning. We Need To Find The Source Of The Problem In Order To Better Solve The Problem. More
Common problems in slitting line processing In The Process Of Slitting Line Processing,We Often Encounter Some Problems.For Example, Burrs And Camber Problems.Where Should We Start To Solve Them? More
Analysis of Causes of Abnormal Phenomenon in Slitting Line During The Processing Of The Slitting Line, We Will Encounter Some Abnormal Phenomena. So How Do We Solve These Anomalies? LetS Check The Article Below. More
How to maintain the slitting line The Care And Maintenance Of The Slitting Line Is An Indispensable Part Of The Daily Work Of The Slitting Line. So How Do We Care And Maintain The Slitting Line? More
Development trend of steel slitting line The Steel Slitting Line Is Becoming An Increasing Number Of Preferred. The Slitting Line Maker Is An Unique Machine For Slitting Of Coils.Contact Us Now! More
Safe operation of metal slitting line For Large Production Lines Such As Metal Slitting Lines, Safe Operation Is Very Important.How Much Do You Know About It? LetS Read The Following Article. More
Features of metal slitting machine The Metal Slitting Machine Is A Device For Longitudinal Slitting Of Wide Roll Materials. We Will Briefly Introduce The Characteristics Of The Metal Slitting Machine. More
Metal slitting machine manufacturers continue to face the international market ! Many Industrial Equipment Are Showing A Good Development Trend, Which Also Includes The Development Of Metal Slitting Machines.More Information Are As Follows. More
Operating procedures of steel slitting machine We will briefly introduce the operating steps of the steel slitting machine. Just read it with me,you will definitely gain something. More
Classification of stainless steel slitting machine We will briefly talk about the various types of stainless steel slitting machines and the corresponding characteristics of each type of slitting machine. More
Introduction of cut to length line The cut to length line is the shearing machine of the rolling piece in the transverse shear operation. More
Operating characteristics of cut to length line The cut to length line can unwind, level, cut and stack metal sheets. On the one hand, it is used for continuous leveling of steel plates. More
Bangzhou Machinery has shipped many slitting lines! We all know that the slitting line is a production line capable of slitting metal. Slitting line has many advantages and characteristics. More
The slitting line you want in Bangzhou Machinery The slitting line is also called slitting unit, slitting machine, slitting machine, and shears. More
Successful installation of 8x2000 automatic cut to length line Compared with the ordinary uncoiling line, the automatic cut to length line adds a fine correction process. It can better eliminate plate defects and internal stress release. More
How to improve the cutting quality of steel coil slitting machine We know that in the process of using steel coil slitting machine to process some materials, due to some factors, problems such as burrs, poor width and even side bending may occur. More
What is the tension control of the slitting line machine? Do you know what the tension control of slitting line machine is? What does it do? Today, we will answer your questions above one by one. If you are interested, read on. More
How to control the quality of slitting line machine? Then how we can control the quality of the slitting line machine, please see the following. More
Two commonly used transmission modes for slitting line machine Everyone knows that the slitting line machine can be used to slit metal and other materials. More
What is the good quality standard of slitting line machine? We know that in the process of slitting, the precision requirements for slitting line machine are getting higher and higher. More
Reasons and countermeasures for soft rolls Various small problems may occur during slitting line machine processing. When we encounter these problems, we have to know what to do. More
The reason for the sickle bend in the production of slitting line machine In these machines, the slitting line machine has a big sickle bend phenomenon during slitting, which means that the material appears to be bent laterally after slitting. More
Attention about slitting machine test Before officially using the slitting machine, we must first test and run the slitting machine. More
The development direction of metal slitter With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, the development of metal slitters is also facing challenges, and higher requirements are put forward in technology and performance. More
Characteristics of slitting machine Everyone has heard of slitting machines, right? Many factories now use it to cut metal and other materials. More
Precautions for slitting machine A good slitting machine determines the quality of the output product. So how can we use the slitting machine better? More
Slitting process of slitting line machine Did you know that the slitting line machine uses edited programming? More
Why we use the slitting line? Today, there is a wide range of coils available on the market, and there are many coils of different specifications. More
The inspection work that the leveling machine needs to do The leveling machine should be inspected when it is turned on. Similarly, when the leveling machine is turned off. More
Notes and adjustments of the leveling machine Many customers will encounter precautions and adjustment methods related to the leveling machine after-sales problems. More
Application range of leveling machine The leveler is also called straightener. The application range of the high quality leveling machine is very wide. More
Preparation before slitting line machine operation Every time when we operate the slitting line machine, we should do the preparation. More
Importance of slitting machine maintenance A good equipment plays a vital role in production efficiency. The slitting machine is the same. More
Advantages of Bangzhou Machinery slitting line Slitting line is used to uncoiling, slitting, recoiling the steel rolls into demand width steels. More
Attention! How to prolong the service life of slitting machine? Nowdays, slitting machines are widely used in many industries. High quality slitting machine can be used for a long time. More
3 points to pay attention to when choosing slitting line There are many different types of slitting line. But some people don’t know how to choose the high quality slitting line. More
The importance of slitting machine manufacturers Slitting the steel into sheets is very difficult which requires some high quality slitting machines. More
The perfect companion for steel and manufacturing! Nowdays, more and more things would made by steel. It can be seen that steel is becoming more and more common in our daily life. More
What’s the metal sheet cut to length line? There are many types of cut to length line, each cut to length line may have different function or advantages. In this article, we will talk about the metal sheet cut to length line. More
The advantages of cut to length line Many industries may use the cut to length line or slitting line to do the metal processing. There must be many advantages of them, otherwise they would not be so popular. More
Layout of the whole steel coil slitting line This is the time we use the steel coil slitting machine. Today, we are going to talk about the layout of the whole steel coil slitting line. More
The reliable service of Bangzhou Machinery Bangzhou Machinery is a company specialized in steel coil slitting machine, slitting line, cut to length line and flat bar straightening and chamfering machine. More
The reason why we choose Bangzhou Machinery Now, more and more people don’t know how to choose the metal cutting equipment and which company they can totally trust. More
What you should know about metal slitter There are some difference between metal slitter and metal cut to length machine. The metal cut to length machine is mainly aimed at a large volume of winding material. More
The difference between the straightening machine and the leveling machine Many people think that the straightening machine and the leveling machine are the same product. More
2 main factors that cause burr The burr problem in the production of slitting line always be a problem of many people. Do you really know about why there occurs to the burr problem? More
4 kinds of slitting blade clearance setting problems There are many problems may cause the burr of the slitting products. And the slitting blade clearance setting is one of these problem. More
The burr problem in the slitting process We may meet many different kinds of problems in the operation of slitting line. We need the slitting line which has high quality slitting machine. More
Application of different materials slitting blade Last time we talk about the types of slitting blade material. I believe you must know more about the material of slitting blade. More
The slitting blade material suitable for your slitting machine Slitting blade have many different materials. Do you know which kind of material is the best for your slitting machine? More
5 materials of slitting blade We use different materials of slitting blade on different kinds of slitting machine. More
2 types of slitting blades We all know that in the process of slitting line, we need to use one thing to slitting the materials. Do you know what it is? Yes! It’s the slitting blades! More
What does a slitting machine operator do? We all know that nearly each machine may have their own operator. The slitting machine is no exception. More
Something you need to know about cut to length line Nowdays, many factories may use the machine to do metal cutting. And many people may heard about the cut to length line. More
Leveling process of straightening machine Have you heard about straightening machine before? The straightening machine also called the leveler,it is used for thick plate leveling. More
What is slitting line? Do you know about metal cutting equipment? If you don’t touch with this industry, you may not know about the machine which do the metal processing. More
Advantage of steel coil cut to length machine Have you heard about steel coil cut to length machine before? Today I will introduce some of the steel coil cut to length machine of our company. More
The role of the metal slitting machine Many people may not heard about the metal slitting machine,but in machinery industry,there must have many guys heard about it. More
Knowledge of hot rolling slitting line Last time, we have known a lot about cold rolled steel. This time, we have to talk about the hot rolled steel and the hot rolling slitting line. More
Knowledge of cold roll slitting machine It is very important to understanding how this type of steel are processed and proper applications for each type. More
Factors affecting the abnormal processing of slitting machine In the process of cutting some thin sheet materials by the slitting machine, some abnormal problems may occur in the product processing. More
Machete bending phenomenon of slitting machine When we are in the use of slitting machine, if in the process of slitting, appeared a machete bending phenomenon, We need to analyze the problem in the following way. More
How does the slitting machine do the slitting? Slitting machine is the production line to use more of the products, it can effectively solve the problem of people to work and make the efficiency greatly improved. More
Periodic maintenance of slitting machine What is slitting machine? Maybe there are a lot of people don’t know this machine very well. This is actually a kind of used to strip the division of processing equipment. More
Hydraulic cut to length machine operation process Hey! Do you know about hydraulic cut to length machine? If you don’t know about it, you must read the following article! More
The maintenance of slitting machine Speaking of slitting machine, I believe that there must be many friends have used this equipment. More
The difference between slitting machine and cut to length machine Many of people contact with the mechanical for the first time will confuse slitting machine and cut to length machine. More
The development trend of metal slitter Since the end of the 19th century, there is a new equipment appeared in the industrial market - metal splitter. More
Daily maintenance of leveling machine After using the leveling machine for a long time, to keep it be a high quality leveling machine, we must pay attention to its daily maintenance. More
Safe operation of slitting machine The slitting machine can cut the strip lengthwise into several parts, and the required specification of the strip base is made of section steel and steel plate welding. More
How to use cutting and slitting machine correctly? Whether you use the cutting and slitting machine blade is imported or not, we must hold the correct use and maintenance of the cutting and slitting machine. More
What is cut to length line? Cut to length line is mainly used for terminal customers. It has convenient processing production simple operation and convenient maintenance. More
0.3-4x1800 automatic slitting line sold to Iraq 0.3-4x1800 automatic slitting line sold to Iraq,Engineer debugging is completed More
3x1600 automatic high speed slitting line for Bangladesh 3x1600 automatic high speed slitting line for Bangladesh Completed installation and debugging More
4-12x2000 automatic cut to length line sent to Tunisia 4-12x2000 automatic cut to length line sent to Tunisia installation complete! More
3x100 flat bar slitting machine to Mexico LEON city is loading The customer sign the contract with Mexico! More
Welcome to our 120th Canton Fair Booth communication negotiations Every year, in April and in October, our company will be there in Canton Fair. More
Indian guest slitting and CTL line contract A long negotiation, from summer to winter More
The machines sent to Kenya is loading 6x400 Serrated bar Slitting & cut to length line More
Columbia Customer and 2x1250 simple slitting line 0.3-2x1250 simple slitting line More